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Cross-sectional rendering of TransHab

services - synthesis int'l

synthesis int'l LLC is an award-winning consulting firm whose work includes product innovation and facility design, user interface optimization and groundbreaking practice in architecture for human spaceflight.


We offer a wide range of services in product and architectural design, operations planning, sustainable systems integration, risk assessment and mitigation support. With decades of extensive experience in the planning and innovation fields, we're capable of supporting both private and Federal Government contracts.

Space Systems

  • Space and Surface Inflatable structures and logistics

  • Combined software/hardware user interface solutions

  • Crew seat design; anthropometrically valid furniture

  • Cockpit and displays/controls design (CRV, OSP, Orion)

  • Spaceport Master Planning

  • Hangar and Crew Terminal Facility assessment and design

  • Cargo and Payload support, processing and integration

  • ISS/Space Station Architecture, Operations and Crew Station Design

  • Launch Package Engineering (ISS visiting vehicles)

  • Extreme environment habitation and transport systems


  • Residential, Commercial and Institutional Architectural services

  • Full BIM support

  • Advanced parametric modeling

  • Sustainable Systems Integration

Product Design

  • Medical/healthcare product and System management, planning and design

  • Space Foundation accredited technology transfers



  • National Geographic Outreach and Science Curricula

synthesis int'l team

Georgi Petrov
François Lévy

François Lévy

Constance Adams

Constance Adams

Our Founder

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