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François Lévy

François Lévy

Space architect, President

François Lévy holds a B.A. in classics and philosophy from St John’s College in Santa Fe, NM and two master’s degrees from The University of Texas at Austin, one in architecture and the other in engineering. His architectural projects have attracted regional and national press, including magazines such as Dwell, This Old House, Natural Home, and HGTV. He has taught digital design, Building Information Modeling (BIM), and environmental controls courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level at UT Austin, The University of Texas at San Antonio, and St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas.


Lévy is the lead author of BIM for Design Firms (Wiley, 2019), a contributor to the AIA’s The Architects Handbook of Professional Practice, 15th edition (Wiley, 2013), and author of BIM for Small-Scale Sustainable Design (Wiley, 2011). His areas of research interest outside of space architecture include BIM for design, sustainable architecture, and cooling through passive ventilation. He has presented widely at architectural and aerospace conferences.


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