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synthesis int'l

An award-winning consulting firm for product innovation, facility design, and user interface optimization.

A groundbreaking practice in architecture for human spaceflight.

synthesis int'l offers a wide range of services in product and architectural design, operations planning, sustainable systems integration, risk assessment and mitigation support. With decades of extensive experience in the planning and innovation fields, we're capable of supporting both private and Federal Government contracts.

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aerospace design and architecture projects


A complex, semi-inflatable vehicle optimized for both launch and deployment.


Optimized for mass and efficacy

Synthesis Pigeon

Crew cabin architecture for risk mitigation and human factors


RCC CRV model

Designed to replace standard "seating" for crew in a high-g reentry vehicle.



Spaceport America

A commercial spaceport capable of supporting a changing array of space access technologies.


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synthesis int'l

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Austin, TX 78702  USA

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